Swimming Program


Whether you want to learn how to swim, get some exercise or just have fun, you will find something that meets your needs. Ace Sports Academy has experienced instructors that use a well-recognized swimming program. Our friendly coaches will provide children and adults with guided instructions on various strokes to improve proficiency, comfort, and aquatic independence while giving positive encouragement.

Learners Level – Beginners
These lessons are for young children who learning to swim for the first time. They will learn water entry, bubble blowing, floating, kicking, underwater exploration and general water safety. They will feel very comfortable in the water and learn new skills such as combined arm and leg action and treading water with support.

Mini Swimmers – Level 1
The children will learn to float, blow bubbles and kick their legs.

Super Swimmers – Level 2
This age group can do level 1 and are taught to swim and improve their level of skill. Supported floating on front and back, gliding, kicking, and alternating arm and leg action will be encouraged. This will then develop to unsupported floating, gliding, kicking on front and back, combined arm action and treading water without support. They will be able to paddle with their hands for 5 meters.

Ace Swimmers – Level 3
At this level, the children will be taught front crawl with breathing to the side, backstroke and floating in the deep end. More advanced swimming technics will be taught at this level.

Awesome Ace Swimmers – Level 4
This age group will improve stroke proficiency in front crawl and back stroke. They will also begin learning breast stroke kicking.

Awesome Plus Ace Swimmers – Level 5
These swimmers will continue to develop their front crawl and backstroke.

Ace Advanced Swimmers – Level 6
At this level, the front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke are improved even further. The children will start to learn how to butterfly kick and are able to swim two lengths of the pool consecutively.

Ace Cutting-Edge Swimmers – Level 7
This group will continue with front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke and butterfly. They will be able to swim four lengths of the pool consecutively.

Ace Exceptional Swimmers – Level 8
At this stage, all strokes will be refined. The children will be able to swim eight lengths of the pool consecutively with a tumble turn at each end of the pool.

Ace Outstanding Swimmers – Level 9
All stroked will be further developed and improved. The children will be able to swim sixteen lengths of the pool consecutively with a tumble turn at each end of the pool.

Ace Superior Swimmers – Level 10
All strokes will by now have been completed and the children will be able to swim for 30 minutes non-stop with a tumble turn at each end of the pool.

Adult Swimmers
It is never too late to learn to swim. Swimming is not just a great way to exercise, but also an important life skill. We offer a range of relaxed lessons which cater for the beginner through to those wanting to improve their strokes. For the more experienced swimmer, learn to refine all strokes to increase efficiency, power, and smoothness over great distances. Personal safety and rescue skills will also be covered.