Swimming Intensive Course 2020

Swimming Intensive Course 2020

Nov 18, 2020

Whether you want to learn how to swim, get some exercise or just have fun, you will find something that meets your needs. Come and join us to enhance your Swimming skills with ACE SWIMMING INTENSIVE COURSE! Limited slots only!!

Call or WhatsApp us at 052-1805-533 to book now!


  1. Can i apply for Swimming Coach job?

  2. Anum Iqbal /

    Hi do u offer swiimming classes for adults female?

  3. Hello? My name is Kipngeno,I am interested in swimming. I need some support to pursue my swimming talent.

  4. Mostafa Nabil /

    Hello i am 32 years old i used to swim when i was young at home then i stoped when i travel here from along time i just wish to go back to swimming as a sport and activity
    And i am looking for a place to do so like gymnastics sport

    • Hello Mostafa thank you for reaching us. We would love to help you back to swimming please contact us on +971554522066 so we can see if we can assist you

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