Registration is now open Term 3 2021

Registration is now open Term 3 2021

Apr 22, 2021

ACE SPORTS ACADEMY team is happy to announce that the registrations for the Term 3 2021 is NOW open At Start International School from 24th April- 1st June 2021, the term duration is 10 weeks. Please Click Here to visit our timetable pages know our schedules.

For more information please call 0554522066


  1. Akshay olla /

    Good morning
    I am akshay olla professional international Badminton player represent india country many time abd i have coaching experience 3 years and am head coach at Fitso
    I want to join your acadmey

  2. Ahmad Alawneh /

    Can I please have a trail in football


    Interested for my kids

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