Junior Football Program


Our emphasis is to take football and create a fun  activity for all children between the ages of 3 years to 15 years to enjoy.  The program concentrates on strengthening  technical ability, enhancing both coordination and fitness, whilst also developing social and interpersonal skills.
Pride on developing all football  related activities to the local community include:

– Elite team and individual coaching
– Formation and administrating of junior and adult leagues
– Planning and organization of football themed events such as charity raising, social days, 5 aside and 7 aside tournaments.

We endeavor to bring together all denominations, ages, abilities and gender in order to enjoy two of the worlds most popular sports.

Tots Aces – Ages: 3-4 yrs old

This is an exciting and fun program which incorporates diverse and entertaining games aimed at the smaller children. Focusing on simple skills such as balancing and basic ball movement. The children will be in groups of 8-10, where they will be encouraged to interact with each other whilst still experiencing the excitement of the game.

Mini Aces – Ages: 5-6 yrs old

This were the kids are starting to develop more of an understanding of the game.  Where they get to learn additional techniques such as dribbling and short passing drill footwork.   Having fun is still the main priority, however, more advanced skills and communication are incorporated. At this stage, the children will be divided into to groups of 10.

Super Aces – Ages: 7-9 yrs old

This more developed group will lean to play together as a team rather than as individuals.  Foot control, communications skills, passing in a more skilled manner (using different parts of the foot accurately), speed and  learning how to use all parts of the body with the football or without are encouraged.  The children will also take part in tournaments.  They will learn the appropriate discipline and practice fitness drills for their age category.  They will learn to understand the concept of the game, playing matches as a team as well recognize the various different positions.  At this level, the children will be divided into groups of 12 and will play for the duration of up to one hour.

Ace Aces – Ages: 10-14+yrs old

This is where the more advanced coaching begins.  Skill techniques are improved, positions and games plans and tactics are developed.  Interpreting free kicks, defending, attacking , skillful ball control, accurate passing,  shooting  and physical training will be developed  and enhanced.

Cardio and fitness.