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    I understand by signing that Ace sports Academy, their employees, venues or sponsors will not be held responsible for any injuries damage suffered on or off the field/courts, or while en route to or from games/practices affiliated with Ace Sports Academy programming, I shall be personally responsible for any and all medical and hospital fees and expense that may be incurred. I understand that NO supplemental insurance is offered from Ace Sports Academy, I agree that ACE SPORTS ACADEMY management,staff,venue and sponsors are not responsible. For any accident or any circumstances that may occur to my child if he/she was not picked up 15 minutes after the camp. And may you. Please note that our academy takes photographs of the players to use them through our Social Medias.

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    4- For Direct registration you can contact us on our numbers: 055-4522-066 for Summer Activity Camp 2019, 052-9833-487 for Swimming Intensive Course 2019, 050-1292-204 for Ace Basketball Camp 2019