Safety Rules & Guidelines


We highly ensure that your child will enjoy the activities while having a safe and enriching environment, so we will be implementing the following:

1- A mandatory contactless screening will be done for all members, visitors & staff/coaches based on DMHS guidelines [If a visitor temperature exceeds 37.5 Celsius and/or shows symptoms he/she will be prohibited to enter the facility]

2- Signage and markers are clearly displayed throughout the venue to assist and remind people of their responsibilities to create a safe environment.

3- Signage and walk routes will be used throughout the venue to guide all staff and players visiting the venue and ensure social distancing is followed. Social distancing walk routes will be displayed in all zones of the venue.

4- An adequate daily log record of its members, visitors and coach/staff, including names, contact numbers and visit dates are maintained.

5- Hand sanitizer dispensers are placed across the facility. Everyone is requested to sanitize their hands upon entry and exiting the facility.

6- Safe physical distance must be maintained and followed.

7- All individuals must wear their face mask at all times.

8- We have assigned main entry and exit points to avoid overcrowding. Please follow the walk routes and entry and exit points.

9- We have limited the usage of common areas.

10- All transactions such as registrations, inquiries, payments and such must be done online. Appointment booking must be done if anything needs to be done at the admin office to ensure maintenance of capacity limitations.

11- Mandatory cleaning and disinfection of the venue and equipment will be taking place immediately following each activity.

12- Modifications to activities are made to avoid close interactions.

13- Water dispensers are removed. Players/students must provide their own water.

14- First Aid Kits are to be readily available at all times.

15- Shower, changing area and locker facilities will be closed.

16- Washrooms are only allowed to be used by 2 persons at a time.

17- Chairs and personal belongings will be set up to adhere to the latest social distancing guidelines.

18- Parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the venue or remain at the training site during the sessions. There will be no waiting area within the facility so parents are requested to wait in their cars.

19- Parents/Guardian must pick up and drop off children in the designated areas.

20- All staff and coaches will be briefed regarding training plans and contingency/emergency plans on a weekly basis.

21- A dedicated Isolation room is prepared in case of possible COVID-19 patients in the premises.

22- Venue will have limited capacity (maximum of 1 person per 4 sqm in facility).